The Galactic Federation Creators for some of the largest game and entertainment companies in the world. We pride ourselves in treating each client with care and consideration. We’ve hand-picked a high-quality team of creatives with the diverse skills needed to solve any problem. No issue is too big or too small, developing IP for web based systems for on-line gaming for participants to compete in eSports tournaments, leagues, and tours for recreational gaming live delivering science fiction content that comes to life and movies that are just as Hight Tech with AR, VR, AI for a comprehensive entertainment CrossPlatformSmartContentPipe


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Galactic Federation New Sports Federations - Worldbuilders Sports Heros of a New Age

Galactic Federation New Sports Federations Worldwide Crossplatformssmartcontent

Galactic Federation 

Galactic Federation Gamers want the latest Tech to outperform competitors with content that is fair, impartial, and meets ADA guidelines for playing impaired Pro Gamers meeting all new worldwide guidelines for the Galactic Federation Cinematic Universe SupercageFightLeague streaming on NewSportsTV featuring all new Chinese Characters, Latin American Characters, along with  ExtremeCoolGirlz using player skins with Blockchain technolgogy Galacticoin. 

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